Staff & Council


Rev. Dr. Damon D. LaakerPastor

A graduate of Christ Seminary – Seminex. Heralding from Western Nebraska, Laaker began his ministry in North Omaha. He now serves on the near South side in an urban area.

Pastor Laaker received his undergraduate training at St. Pauls College, Concordia, Mo. earning an A.A. degree in 1972. He received his B.A. degree from Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, In. in 1974. He graduated from Christ Seminary, St. Louis, in 1978 with an M. Div. degree. He received his Doctor Of Ministry Degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago in May 1995.

Pastor Laaker serves half-time at St. Luke’s.

RoseMarie Lad, Secretary

Mike Peirce, Custodian

Colleen Jeffrey, Organist


Frank Durham, President

Connie Tefft, Vice-President

Jane Nodean, Secretary

John Kolb, Evangelism

Cindy Fleming, Social Ministry

Edward Nodean, Treasurer

Jane Nodean, Parish Education

Steve Braun, Building and Grounds

Patricia Malik, Fellowship

Nancy Klusaw, Worship and Music

Pastor Laaker, Stewardship

Ex Officio

RoseMarie Lad, Memorials

Janice Fulmer, Financial Secretary